Heaps Peak Arboretum

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Heaps Peak Arboretum

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Click Here to download a PDF version of the Sequoia Trail Guide

Click Here for photos of the San Bernardino National Forest Service trail crew constructing the new handicap accessible Sequoia Trail August 2005



The Sequoia Trail at the Arboretum is about a one-mile loop that is accessible to the physically challenged.  It is easy for all visitors to walk, especially families with young children in strollers, as well as, older walkers.  A trail guide can be found at a blue box on the kiosk near the trailhead.  Hikers will find such trees as the Arizona Cypress, Giant Sequoia, Sugar Pine, Knob Cone Pine, Coulter Pine, Black Oak, Quaking Aspen, White Fir, and Dogwood.  A whole array of wildflowers are in bloom between March and October. 

There are three foot bridges that extend over seasonal creeks, and a natural seep (Horseshoe Springs) where wildlife can be viewed, especially birds, yearround. Another feature on the trail is the cone boxes that displa the cones of the three main species of pine trees found on the site.


Near the end of the trail are the Giant Sequoias and Dogwood groves that are spectacular in the spring. Benches along the trail provide a place to stop and relax and enjoy the sounds of the forest.

We invite everyone to come and walk the trail.  This is an opportunity to enjoy an easy walk and to learn more about a part of the San Bernardino National Forest that has been preserved for many years of enjoyment.
















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